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Valentine’s Day Running Challenge

I live in Upstate New York. It’s cold. It snows a lot. I really don’t look forward to spending ANY time outside, even the time it takes to get from my car to my office. It can really get cold! But unfortunately, I don’t have a gym membership at my disposal, and although there are tons of activities I know I could be doing from the comfort of my own home, I often find excuses to not be doing them. And the only exercise I ever seem to stay somewhat dedicated to is running. I’m not sure why, but for some reason it sticks with me.

But running in January? In Upstate New York? How was I going to force myself to get out there? Maybe I could tap into my competitve self and drag myself outside in order to win something…

And that’s exactly what I did. I’d read on a few other blogs about a 30 day challenge people had done: run 1 mile every day for 30 days. Not 10 miles, not 4 miles: ONE. About 10 minutes (or so…I’m closer to 11 or 12) outside, running. That’s all! When reading that, it made a lot of sense. 10 minutes! I can spend 10 minutes outside! But how was I going to REALLY make myself want to do this?

Easy: competition. I enlisted Yvonne (and probably used some good competitive language to get her competitive blood running) and here are our terms:
1) 1 mile a day
2) From January 5 to Valentine’s Day
3) Whoever makes it gets a $20 gift card from the store of their choosing to the other
4) If both of us fail to run 1 mile a day, the next option is whoever hit closest to 7 miles a week (or higher if we both go over)

Pretty good, huh? And I’m updating because I’ve gone running for one mile for seven straight days. I’ve done the first week! And it wasn’t bad…in fact, I really enjoyed it! I loved that I could go outside for 15 minutes and feel like I’ve truly accomplished something. I haven’t run much more than one mile each day, some days, I hit that one mile marker and headed straight for home. But it doesn’t matter, I’ve done it! Having someone to compete against helps (thanks, Von :)), but I hope that it’s more my own drive that’s pushing me, not just my competitive spirit.

Have you ever had an exercise challenge with a friend? Do you think you could run a mile a day from now until Valentine’s Day? Join us! It really is fun 🙂

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