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Sick Day Brain Dump

I’m home sick today with some sort of stomach bug. At least it’s not the flu, huh? Things could definitely be worse! I started to feel better at one point this afternoon, then just tried to eat a regular dinner and am immediately regretting it. Ahh, recovering from a stomach bug. It’s a wonderful thing, huh?
Since I haven’t blogged in awhile, I thought I’d give you some brain dump style life updates:

Mile a Day Challenge
I’ve been fairly strong since January 5th when it started…that was, until yesterday. We’re having some cold weather here, VERY cold. As in the weatherman said we’d be struggling to make it into the mid-teens. All week. So with some 9 degree weather yesterday and some sore muscles in my ankle, I decided I could take one day off. And then today, stomach bug. Not great running conditions. So I’ve missed two days. But I’ve run 19 in a row. So you can’t really be disappointed in that. As long as I still beat Yvonne!

Babies, Babies, Everywhere
Seriously, it’s been baby month! Close friends, blog friends, co-workers, there are new babies everywhere! It definitely gives me baby fever. I know the time is not right for Chris and I, and it won’t be for awhile, we have lots of other things on our life lists to accomplish before we welcome a baby into our family, but that doesn’t prevent me from starting to look at baby blogs and make secret Pinterest baby boards. I figured I started reading wedding stuff online in 2009, a year before I was engaged and two years before I was married. So if we look at my track record…I just like to be over prepared.

Winter Fun
Chris and I have had lots of fun so far in 2013, including two holiday parties for his job. One of the parties was actually a “ball” and was a black-tie affair. I think it may be the first black-tie event I’ve been to that wasn’t a prom! It felt very grown up and elegant (and yes, I am aware, I’m definitely on the cose-to-30-side of my twenties), and being a doctor’s wife, I imagine many such events in my future. Maybe it will get old after awhile, but it was fun!

Awards Season
I seriously love the Golden Globes and the Oscars and I’m pumped for awards season. I didn’t actually get to watch most of the Golden Globes, but who needs to when there is Twitter and Buzzfeed? I felt like I had basically seen the show, and was spared the boring parts. We have plans with friends to go to a viewing of the Oscars at a local theater with champagne and snacks, which is going to make it even more fun! Now, I just need to getting around to seeing all the Best Picture nominees. I say I’m going to do it every year, but never have managed to.

So what’s new with you, pussy cat? Anyone else home sick?

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