New year, new hopes, new plans

2013 is welcome in our household.  2012 ended with lots of guests and lots of fun.  Although I wish family lived closer and we got to see them more often, hosting is exhausting and I’m looking forward to get back into a routine.  Routines are good – they make me feel like a functioning human being who has her shit under control.  I have NOT had my shit under control for the end of December.  Granted, I’d do it all again to get to spend that time with family.  And have that much fun 🙂

I didn’t really set any TRUE new year resolutions – I’d like to focus more on doing good for others.  The #26acts movement really affected me and I’d like to keep it up year round.  I’m also going to focus on personal health and financial health – Chris and I have some big plans for the next year or so, so getting health and money in order is the first step to move ahead with our plans.

I also want to focus more on work, study to continue to be the absolute best at my job.  I’ve had some really frustrating days at work, so after getting better and focusing more, I’ll be better able to assess where I see my career heading. 

2013 is going to be a good year…I mean, I can’t tell you that I’ve EVER had a “bad” year.  The year is what you make of it, right?  I plan to make it a GREAT year. 

Do you have plans for 2013?

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