Guns and Violence and Most of All…Change.

What happened yesterday in Newtown, CT is unimaginable. I spent as much of the day as I could praying for those families, shedding tears over their loss and their ache, and desperately wishing I could get home to hug my small family and call the ones who were too far for me to give hugs to, too. I understand the arguments that today isn’t about politics, it is about these families. And I agree. But I also believe that in today being about the families, we also have to consider how these things happen.

I believe in gun control. I have my entire life. I hated when kids played guns as a child, and as I grew older and learned more about the world, my take on this has only been affirmed. If you believe differently, I respect that. I respect your right to have an opinion and that your beliefs are different than mine. Maybe you came from a different place, from a different background, or maybe it’s just because none of us are able to predict the future and we don’t know WHAT will help. And what I believe will help is gun control. Specifically, I think ALL guns should be banned. Guns of every kind, for any reason, anywhere. No. Guns.

I realize this is an extreme point of view, but honestly, nothing anyone ever says would change my mind on this. I’ve believed it since I was little enough to have beliefs that went beyond Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. I do, however, recognize that it’s an unpopular opinion, and even beyond that, the least likely thing to happen. We got legal marijuana before we got rid of guns.

Nevertheless, I wrote some letters yesterday – I sent it to my senators, the senators of my home state, and today I plan to send it to even more politicians. It’s a plea. A plea for that politician to rise above and to take a stand against guns. I don’t know if any of them will agree with me; I don’t know if any of them will actually do anything, but I had to do something. For Newtown. And whatever “Newtown” may be next.

Thanks for letting me use this place as a safe zone to air my opinions. They probably aren’t popular opinions, but I firmly believe them. Plus, no one’s reading anyway, right?

To all politicians,

As I’m sure you will now read and receive countless letters about, today was another day of senseless violence when dozens of lives were lost.

Political arguments can be made, legal arguments can be made, but as the arguments rage on, children are dying. People are dying because someone, whether legally or illegally, was able to get their hands on some kind of gun. It doesn’t matter if it’s a hand gun or an automatic weapon, it is still a killing machine. And it’s being used as such.

Please be the voice of reason that comes out against guns. I truly believe in my heart that there is not one legitimate reason that anyone in this country needs a gun. Recreation, sport, protection, they are all excuses. Without guns, there would be NO gun violence. If there is access to guns, no matter how limited, gun violence will continue.

Please do something. Anything. The people of New York State, the people of Connecticut, and people all across the United States are now desperately searching for someone who will be above the politics, above the NRA, above whatever it is that has delayed gun control for so long. I’m asking you to be that person.

Please, for the love of those innocent children in Newtown today, for the love of the people of Oregon, the people in Colorado, for everyone who has been in anyway impacted by gun violence, please, take a stand against guns.

Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Guns and Violence and Most of All…Change.

  1. Jessie says:

    I’m reading and I couldn’t agree with you more. Well written! Send those letters. Don’t stop believing that we can change this.

  2. jennyburgo says:

    So many letters sent. Hoping for change ❤

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