Cheers to December

I can’t believe December is already here.  But I’m grateful for the first substantial snowfall we received last night; it made me feel like the holiday season is truly upon us!  Not a bad way to start the month of December.

For now, I’m getting things done with a cup of coffee: paying bills, ordering Christmas cards, and day dreaming about the crafts I’ll try to accomplish today…after I’ve dragged Chris to Hobby Lobby.

Although December is usually one of the happiest months of the year, I think December is going to be a trying month in our household – Chris will be working for about 10 days straight…straight through Christmas.  It’s hard to think about a holiday without him, a holiday with me walking the dog and watching TV like it’s any regular old day.  But still, these hard few years with his schedule will lead to only better things!  And hey, maybe I’ll take that time to catch up on my own work too…at least the office would be quiet.

But some really wonderful things are happening in December, too!  Next weekend we’re going back to NYC to see some of our closest friends and the city that I miss very much.  And who doesn’t love the City during Christmas?  Even the New Yorkers walking in Times Square or Rockefeller Center seem happier…despite the loads and loads of tourists walking too slow.

After Christmas, I’m going to host my siblings and my niece for a post-Christmas-sibling-get-together.  I can’t wait to show them Rochester, celebrate Baby J’s second birthday, and have the opportunity to celebrate the holiday with them…no matter what the date is!

Cheers to December, I think it’s going to be grand.

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