Celebrating My Birthday…

…by making lists!



I turned 28 last week and I decided that the final two years of my twenties should be filled with accomplishing new things and achieving goals that I set out for myself.  So I drafted a 30 before 30 list, as many others have done before me.  I used some lists for inspiration, but mostly, I thought about things I’d always wanted to do, things I thought would help better myself, and things that I’ve always found challenging.  That’s where my list comes from.  I hope to push myself and challenge myself to get all 30 things done…two years seems like a lot of time, but life gets crazy, time goes fast, and you never really know.  But fingers crossed that I get to cross off all 30 things on this list and feel more accomplished than ever before.

Without further ado…

30 Before 30

  1. Run 10 5Ks (0/10)
  2. Skydive
  3. Read 20 new books (0/20)
  4. Order our wedding photo album and parent albums
  5. Buy a house/townhouse/property
  6. Knit one project that can be taken outside the house
  7. Update a piece of furniture purchased for cheap
  8. Complete 5 Pinterest Projects (0/5)
  9. Try 20 new recipes (0/20)
  10. Spending hiatus (not including life necessities) for 5 weeks straight (0/5)
  11. Travel to visit J
  12. Visit 2 new US cities or states (0/2)
  13. Complete beginner and intermediate training classes with Lilly (0/2)
  14. Grow hair long enough to donate, then donate
  15. Blog consistently for one month (0/12) [three times a week]
  16. See 5 theater, concert, or other live performances in Rochester (0/5)
  17. Plan a surprise getaway for Chris and I…without ruining the surprise
  18. Send one hand written letter/card/note a week for 3 months straight (0/12)
  19. Go to the gym consistently for 3 months (0/36)
  20. Have a Baby J/Aunt J weekend — with just the two of us
  21. Pay off all credit cards and carry no balance (0/4)
  22. Spend 10 days volunteering (0/10)
  23. Complete Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred (may as well continue the “30” theme)
  24. Get a complete hair makeover – color and cut
  25. Attend professional (or semi-pro) games in every major sport (0/5)
  26. Wear a bikini
  27. Take a class in…anything!
  28. (Personal professional goal)
  29. (Personal goal re: goal weight!)
  30. (Personal goal re: babies!)


Have you ever made a list of things to accomplish in a set period of time?  It’s sort of like a two-year long to-do list!

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2 thoughts on “Celebrating My Birthday…

  1. happy belated birthday!I turn 28 in another 34 days!

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