Blogging A New (And Better) Life

I started a blog a few years ago and mostly used it to focus on my wedding planning.  I still blog over there (not as regularly as I’d like) to finish up wedding recaps.  I’m mostly finishing them for myself as I find small details and memories of my wedding day slipping away.

My new blog is to focus entirely on myself, my life, and the new adventure I’m starting.  My husband and I just moved from Brooklyn, New York to upstate New York for his job.  For the first time in my life (other than college) I’ve moved somewhere where I don’t know anyone else (after college, I moved to NYC where many of my close friends were also moving).  Not only is it a struggle to make new friends for anyone at anytime, sometimes I worry as I get older, the harder it is to make friends.

Moving also meant having to leave behind a job I loved and fighting through unemployment again.  I was unemployed for a year and a half starting in 2010, and it was something I really struggled with.  Coming to a smaller community, I’m not quite as confident in my ability to get hired again.  Even with two years of experience under my belt, I’m still considered a total newbie in my field, which of course makes any employer hesitant to take you on.  I’ll be doing some volunteer work to get to know other professionals in my field and gain additional experience that my last job didn’t give me.

But other than complaining, I’ll also talk about any fun adventures Chris and I take, any delicious recipes I concoct, if I decide to actually do any crafting, and big or little thoughts I feel like sharing with the Internet.  I have plans to run a 5K in October, so I’ll keep you updated with my training, and of course, I’m always trying to lose weight!  So if that’s going well, I’ll share!

That’s my plan for Better Life Better Wife.  As I try to live the best life I can for myself, I also am the best wife I can be and make the best life I can for my family.  Here’s to the next adventure!


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